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Monday, March 5, 2012

The Spring Colors You MUST Wear

Posted by DJS Events

 You can't do events without knowing fashion.

You also can't do events unless you know art, music, trends (and classic solutions), marketing, the culinary arts, etiquette, family get the point. There's a whole lot more we must know before we put on our incredible events, but we'll leave it at that.
...So you can imagine why we've had our faces glued to Pantone's new color collection for Spring 2012.

What is Pantone? 
In case you didn't know (and most people out of the industry don't) Pantone is a team of world-renowned color experts. Their opinions on color each season effect the decisions of paint manufacturers, graphic designers, fashion designers, publishing, marketing--basically anywhere there's color.

This is why we're SO excited to share with you the new colors of the Spring 2012 season. You'll see them
show up on runways across the board, when you're picking out your living room paint and on celebs during 2012 awards. Bet you want to know what they are, right?

Tangerine Tango: This sweet, tangy color touches on peach and melon. Adrienne Vitadinni is the brain child for the color this season, encouraging it's use with both warm and cool colors alike. Check it out:
Adrienne Vittadini
Refinery 29 picked up on this trend and collected a bunch of examples off the runways. Check out these splashy, sexy, easy-going pieces.


Sodalite Blue: Not Cobalt..not Navy...Sodalite is taking center stage this season! Created by Barbara Tfank, who's inspiration for this color was Elizabeth Taylor, this color simple rocks. Signature colors in this collection are also Shocking Pink, Sunburst Yellow and soft, shimmering golds.
Sodalite Blue PANTONE 19-3953 Some hot examples of sodalite blue:

Top color. Womens Spring 2012 trend report, ink

Margarita PANTONE 14-0116 Margerita: This Pantone color was created by NAHM- a collaboration of Nary Manivong & Alexandria Hilfiger, who stated that their inspriation for this color was Paris in the '70s and Laos. They instruct to use this color with buttery yellow and powdery blues.

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