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Monday, February 13, 2012

Vday Gifts You Can Get in 24 Hours

Posted by DJS Events

Source: Red Envelope
Oh my Gosh it's ALMOST HERE! Have you gotten gifts for your lover yet? That's ok, we've scouted out some super fantastic ideas that will have them swooning.
Here's our Vday love equation: 
Experience+Physical Gift+ Thoughtfulness= Perfect Vday.
What does that mean? Basically, people generally live in one of two categories when it comes to gift giving: they love getting actual "things" or they love getting new "experiences."
If you mix the two, you're bound to please, plus expose your loved one to something new. Where does the thoughtfulness come in? Personalization. Perhaps 24 hours isn't enough time to go out search for that totally perfect gift, but there is time to make a great gift personal. Personalizing- like getting something engraved or getting someone their favorite flowers- is the finishing touch. Ok procrastinators, let's go!

Source: Cloud 9 Living
Last Minute Experiences:
Groupon- NYC & Groupon Long Island are offering some really cool packages for Vday this year. Choose from the myriad of offerings- everything from vacations to St. Lucia to ballroom dancing to a professional personal chef service. There's also spa packages and dinner date packages. Seriously, your beloved will not know that you waited until the 11th hour.

Cloud 9 Living is your one stop shop for an awesome experience. If your beloved has any taste for action and excitement, this is where you've gotta go. Take them on a flying lesson, race care driving, a caving adventure or tandem skydiving. Other offerings include spa packages, art lessons, personal ninja lessons, chocolate & wine tours...truly, the list is endless!

Digital Experiences: is a fantastic personalized radio program. If your loved one is a audiophile, this is a must. (especially if they listen to music all day at work.) Buy them PandoraOne and they get a year of service free of ads! It's affordable and a great way to top off a buffet of presents.
I-Tunes: Get her/him some tunes. It's easy, fast and a nice finish.
Netflix: Watch any movie, any time with a subscription.

Source: Red Envelope
Physical Gifts:
The first recommendation we have is to go to their favorite store- (Burberry, Guess, what have you) and find out if they do overnight shipping. Pick it out before the end of the business day and you'll be all set. Hmm..what if you don't know what their favorite store is because this is a new, budding relationship? Here's a few you might like:

Red Envelope:  Get them something luxurious- gifts range from fine leather travel cases to chocolate covered fortune cookies. You'll also find jewelery, wine making kits and more.

Teleflora  :Flowers don't have to be boring. Ditch the red roses (unless they're her favorite) and go for something ecelectic. Orchids, creative. 1-800 Flowers is also an option- Or call your local luxury flower store.

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