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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Luxury Valentine's Day Gifts Pt. 1

Posted by DJS Events

Red Envelope Cufflinks
Olive & CoCoa
You have 5 days left until Vday comes you know what you're getting your sweetheart?

It's really easy to get caught in the same patterns of gift giving, especially after a few years. That's ok, because we've got enough creativity to go around- didn't you know that event planners are the best gift givers? (Think about it...we have to execute other people's events with their tastes intact to a "T".)
Now onto some great, "out of the chocolate box" ideas:

For Him or Her:
Forget chocolate!  Eddy Rocq Macaroons are the "it" cookie. Trendy, sweet and totally sinful, these are exactly what you'll want to feeding your lover in bed...
Ok, so maybe we didn't mean it about the chocolate...
We're not going to get into the flavors or packages you should buy---we'll leave that up to you. What we do think is more important about chocolate is the quality factor. If you're going to get her chocolate- do it right. All of the below names are artisenal, decadent award-winning and globally recognized. They blow Godiva right out of the water.

For Her:
This Petite Flask from Olive & Cocoa will thrill your party- going lady. (Shown above)

Bulgari's 100% hand rolled crafted scarves from Italy are seriously raging right now for Spring. If she's on the cutting edge of luxury fashion...she'll swoon.

White leather, cross body with cascading detailed fringe...she'll love this springtime bag from Ralph Lauren

For Him:
Does he love mechanics? Is he a tech-head? These super cool cufflinks from Red Envelope will make your guy smile. (Above Right)

 Also from Red Envelope- a personalized keychain for a finishing touch to a Vday basket. We think "You are my superhero" is a pretty cool thing to be reminded of. (Could be good for ladies, too.)

 This sexy Italian wallet from Ralph Lauren has "rugged heritage elements" and "vintage appeal".


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