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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Out of the Chocolate Box V-Day Ideas

Posted by DJS Events

Photo by RoseVita from MorgueFile

Valentine's DAY! The last big holiday of the winter season. How is everyone doing with their resolutions? Right about now is when things get tough. You can do it!
Now get your hand out of that chocolate box!

For Him or Her: Celestial Offerings

1.) Blindfold your hottie, drive them to a planetarium, sneak in some naughty snacks (their favorite candy, cookie or something delectable and maple sugar leaves). Guide them to their seat and don't take off the blindfold until the show starts. Then, when it does, say: I love you more than all the stars in the world. Talk about cosmic! 

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2.) Buy a star and give it a poetic name. Present your love with the framed certificate and tell them you'll love them forever.

3.) Prepare a midnight star gazing picnic, complete with blanket and hot cocoa- tell them to bundle up and drive out to a gorgeous place out in the country. Read them hand picked poetry under the stars.


Photo by Beglib of MorgueFile

For Her (mostly):
1.) Does she make you feel like your in the clouds? If you're in a part of the country where it's NOT freezing right now, try a hot air balloon ride.

2.) Nothing's sexier than a partner who wants to grow and evolve with their girl- check out yoga workshops, couples communication workshops or couples retreats. She'll swoon.


Photo by Mae7 at MorgueFile
For Him (mostly):

1.) Jam out. Take your guy to a concert of his favorite a different city. Bonus points for a private plane flight to get there.

2.) Going back to blindfolding...blindfold your guy and bring him to ski-retreat. Make sure you get the suite with a whirlpool. Hotness. 

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