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Monday, October 31, 2011

Last minute Halloween ideas+Safety tips!

Posted by DJS Events

Halloween! It's finally here. Well, we've covered costumes, parties, food, and pretty much everything you need to know to have an incredible we wanted give you some quick last minute ideas AND put on our "safety hat" and give you some tips on a safe and healthy Halloween. In event planning, safety is one of those things that nobody really thinks about if it's done well. However, safety is ALWAYS on our minds. It's in the planning and is always thought about ahead of time, especially if the event is extreme in anyway (fire, children present, etc). As far as last minute? Well, we plan for everything but sometimes, things happen that can be unforeseen...

Last minute costumes:
 Kitty Cat:
Super easy.
What you will need: a black skirt or pair of pants and black top. Black cat ears & tail (available at most super stores like target or Walmart). Add a tutu for some pizzazz, or nail polish. Black dramatic eye makeup tops it off. Done and done.

80's Aerobics instructor:
What you will need:
Legwarmers, a one piece suit ( it can be a swimsuit), a belt and a ribbon for your hair.
Bonus: arm warmers, dumbells and a boom box with annoyingly peppy music playing.

Devil in a blue dress.
What you will need: A blue dress. Pumps. Devil Ears. Done.

And now for some DJS safety tips!

For kids:
1. Make sure costumes are weather appropriate, that your kid won't trip on it and that swords and other "weapons" are soft and flexible.
2. Kids should not go trick or treating alone. It's best to go in a large group with a few parents and some older siblings, and much more fun that way too!
3. Don't let your kid eat homemade or tampered with treats. 
4. Only go to neighborhoods you know and remember that businesses usually have candy for trick or treaters too, and are generally more safe that strange neighborhoods.
5. Only walk on sidewalks, not in the road.
For you, the party goer OR chaperone:

1. Don't wear a mask while trick or treating with your kids. It will freak people out and in some states, it's illegal. 

2. Make sure you're not allergic to the make-up your put on by testing it first.
3. Make sure your yard and porch is clutter free so nobody else's kid trips and you end up getting sued.
4. Just like any other night: don't walk to parties in the dark alone, don't leave your drink unattended, do travel in a group, don't drink and drive always have a plan B as to where you can crash if you indeed can't drive. 

Want more tips? Check them out here. There's a lot!

Happy Halloween!!! 


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