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Friday, September 23, 2011

What to Wear: Weddings

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If you've ever dreamed up a wedding for yourself, or are just wedding-obsessed, then you probably already know a whole lot about wedding dresses. But do you know about proper guest attire? Having the right attire is paramount to making the day run smoothly for yourself and the whole wedding party; sticking out like a sore thumb is the bride's job, and you wouldn't want to ruin her special day. We've focused on women's attire for this issue, and in future posts we will talk more about men's attire.
Here's a guide on what to wear to formal weddings, no matter what the occasion calls for.
Evening White Tie. 

Liz Hurley at Elton John's White Tie and Tiara Ball

   White tie weddings are one of our favorite kinds of weddings, because they are decadent and dramatic. White tie weddings are the most formal weddings of all, and will require a lavish outfit. So, if the save the date card or invitation indicates white tie, then make sure you start saving up for something gorgeous.
For Women:  White tie weddings require a formal floor length evening gown, most likely with no sleeves or short sleeves. Long opera gloves are worn- 12-18 buttons is a standard length. (make sure you take them off to drink and eat). Ball gowns are also acceptable. Wear your finest jewelry (diamonds are great), and don't be afraid to do something elegant and dramatic with your hair. Fur is acceptable. Make-up can be dramatic, but should be kept tasteful.
Outwear for women is a cloak, a shawl or a bolero evening jacket. Think the Oscars, the Emmy's, any lavish event where gowns are worn. As the rule goes, don't wear white. 
These are all great examples and might give you some inspiration:
Nina Dobrev Nina Dobrev Nina Dobrev
Nina Dobrev Nina Dobrev Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev Nina Dobrev Nina Dobrev

Evening Black Tie: Black tie is very similar to white tie, the major difference is generally in men's clothes. The main difference in women's attire is that with a formal black tie affair, women are allowed to wear cocktail dresses, so long as they are elegant, chic and dressy. A good rule of thumb is that the dress doesn't come too far up the thighs. 

Formal Daytime: This is where things get a little more casual, but still, don't think you're being let off the hook. Daytime calls for elegant dresses, often for Spring or Summer or even Autumn weddings. The fabric can be a little less luxurious and hats and gloves may be worn. 
  What to Wear to a Summer Wedding 

Semi-formal evening: Calls for a cocktail dress. It need not be as lavish as a black tie cocktail dress, but still dressy.

Semi-formal Daytime: Still, a little more casual, but definitely dressy.

We like to argue that no matter whether it's a white tie or a semi-formal, there are certain fabrics that you shouldn't wear. Cotton, 100% polyester, and basically anything that doesn't speak a little to the occasion at hand are no-nos. Weddings are never a time for sundresses, unless you are at at beach wedding, and even then, the look should be pulled together and elegant. Remember, don't wear white!
Here's a look at what you should wear to a beach or outdoor wedding:

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