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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5 Hot Hotel Trends 2011

Posted by DJS Events

It's so important for us as planners and consultants to keep up to date on what's happening in every industry we utilize to create our events. We've been checking out the hotel scene lately, and taking note on what's hot, fresh and newly available for our clients. Hotels are very much affected by trends...think about: customers use hotels as their homes away from home. This means that whatever consumers are used to having at home, they will eventually begin to demand in their hotel. So, what have people been demanding? Read on to find out what may be in store for you the next time you check in:

Mobilize this: Lots of hotels are giving customers the option to do all sorts of cool things right from their phone. When you're a busy professional, your smart phone becomes like a second office- with you wherever you go (we know, we're in the event planning business... that means we're attached to our smart phones like they were life support). Guests will soon be able to check in, check out, get into their rooms and even order room service right from their smartphone. Sounds like life just got a little simpler. 

Remote Check-in: Similar to the smartphone simplifier, some hotels are now allowing clients to check in upon arrival at the airport. This is great for busy execs and professionals who have a long day straight away when they reach their destination, and will end up getting in late--probably needing to decompress and get a night-cap. The last thing you need in that situation is to wait on a line. Right now, The Penninsula in Beverly Hills is giving this option to their lucky guests. 

It aint' easy being Green:  
Green just got a lot more popular, and hotels are responding in kind to the corporations and organizations that are strict about their policies. Many companies now are demanding "green" (meaning sustainable and/or built with healthy components) meeting rooms and guestrooms. "Green" rooms could boast anything from recyclable or biodegradable amenities (such as cups in the bathroom) and green products like all natural and organic soaps and shampoos-- to rooms where everything, from the paint down to the carpet is made in a sustainable way. 

Locovores take over: Hotels will soon be utilizing the local scene. Besides small hotels or B&B's offering local  souvenir products like wine, soaps, shampoos, jams, etc-- the larger hotels will also be offering local food on the menu of their restaurants. Why? The local movement is not only sustainable and beneficial for the economies it serves- but it also has become unabashedly trendy. Plus, it's most likely a less or at least equal expense for the hotels.

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Digital Art: Why hang up a painting that will stay the same? Companies like Colors in Motion are spearheading the world with digital art that provides a relaxing and stunning experience in places like lobbies and waiting rooms. The ambiance that this creates is often felt more than just a mural or painting.  
Colors in Motion Relax Room


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