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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oheka Bridal Show

Posted by DJS Events

We all know Oheka Castle is one of the hottest places to get married on Long Island. At their bridal show this year, we dazzled everyone with our beautiful display and original design.

Black and white is a staple for DJS. While we can basically turn any event into a gorgeous, unique and special experience using color, our own personal favorites to work with are black and white. This year, we splashed in some yellow and cheered it up with fresh flowers and toned down complex patterns with solids. AT DJS Events, your wedding is the most important day in OUR lives. We dedicate every moment to strategy, organizing, creative  and design so that you can have the most incredible experience of your life.
Details are important, and so is the big picture. Our ability to see both simultaneously is what has made us the most sought after event company in our area. To see more of our events, go here.

We love lights. Lighting can turn a barn into a castle...and since we were already in a castle that we've held plenty of events in, we had already identified some of the "hot spots" where lighting looks especially good. We lit up the statues so that they glowed beautifully and shown the candle holder lights up towards the ceiling. The floor lights flooded the room so well that light bounced off of just the right places.


The bride and groom pedestal.

Taking our beloved chess set, we placed it for effect between tables for a fun, Alice in Wonderland kind of feel.

Our glass canopy was draped with beautiful fabrics that made for a comfy yet elegant feel. We wanted to show how a color scheme could look with many different styles, from different colored chairs and table cloths to various floral arrangements and centerpieces.

Rose petals adorned the base of our canopy, which of course was meant to provoke a feeling of luxury and elegance. We had a whole room to play with and wanted to address as many concepts as possible, while keeping the whole look complimentary to itself.
Want a professional planner to help design your wedding? Check us out at  or contact us for a consultation. Your wedding day is the most important of your life and we would love to make it incredible!


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