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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Host Your Own Oscar Party!

Posted by DJS Events

Hosting an Oscar Party this weekend? Here are some of our tips for a fun, stress-free night!

Inspired by this great tablescape on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect for an Oscar-themed party:
 What you will need:
Gold Balloons
Photos of your guests and Oscar nominees
Lucite Trays

Create a few stations of snacks and appetizers and allow guests to help themselves:

Popcorn Bar: 
Enhance the typical popcorn by adding specialty flavors as well as toppings that can be served in small bowls (such as: m&m's, peanuts, cinnamon, chocolate chips and more). 
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 Candy Station
Create a movie theater ambiance with a candy display!
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 Make Your Own Taco

Provide all of the necessary ingredient's for guests to create the taco of their choice. 
image via SimplyPartylicious Blog
 Create a signature "Oscar" cocktail of your choice and provide the obvious assortment of liquor, wine, beer and soda. 

Signature Cocktail Ideas:

Recipe via Martha Stewart

"Oscar Night Smash"
 Recipe via Camille Styles

"Pink Platinum Champagne Cocktail"
Recipe via Creative Culinary

Interact with your guests by providing them with an Oscar ballot. Download here (thanks to Moviefone). The winner will receive a prize (ideas include: gift card, DVD of a nominee, or a mini oscar statue!)

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 Provide an assortment of props and accessories for guests to wear during the award show. Snap photos with a polaroid camera and add that to their swag bag at the end of the night.
Make your guests feel like a star, by giving them a "Swag Bag" to go home with.
 Include items that a celebrity would receive at the Oscars, such as:

Mini Champagne Bottle
Nail Polish
Hand Lotion
Eye Mask  
Fancy Chocolates
Tabloid Magazine
 Polaroid photo of your guest (taken during party) 





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