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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Grammy's 2013 "Bollywood" After Party...

Posted by DJS Events

The 2013 Recording Academy “Grammy Celebration” Official After-Party was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Of course, DJSEvents has its opinion on the design, décor and overall ambiance of the party…


 Acrobats, Dancers, Lanterns, Lounges, Palm Trees

Color Scheme 
Jewel Tones, Bold, Bright

DJS Events' Opinion
As an event planning and design company, it is necessary to have the ability to transform any  space (no matter the size) into an inviting, unique atmosphere. We felt that this was not done properly at the arena size venue, because there was too much open space. It seemed as if a large amount of props and decor were scattered around the room and it did not have a good flow. Overall, the "Bollywood" elements were there throughout the venue, but they were not pulled together in a way that DJS Events' would have done. 

Suggestion #1
 The main centerpiece of the room, the dancers' stage, looks disconnected. To make it more visually appealing, we would have lowered it directly from the ceiling surrounded by fabulous drapery for a "floating" effect. 

Image via Bizbash (Photo: Courtesy of the Recording Academy/Line 8 Photography)
Suggestion #2
 To create more of an intimate ambiance, we would have draped the entire ceiling so that the trussing was not visible and to make the entire room feel like you are not in a typical venue.

Suggestion #3
 Adding more lounge areas throughout the room, extra ottomans and flowing curtains would be more inviting.
Image via Bizbash (Photo: Courtesy of the Recording Academy/Line 8 Photography) 
 Suggestion #4
 The hanging umbrella's above only some of the tables makes this design seem off a bit. We would prefer to see longer tables, or larger umbrellas to cover more tables.  
We would have also chosen authentic lanterns as centerpieces.
Image via Bizbash (Photo: Courtesy of the Recording Academy/Line 8 Photography) 
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