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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Posted by DJS Events

Since we are an event planning company, it is only necessary for us to share our honest opinion about an event's overall decor and style.  We were not too impressed with what the Golden Globes had to offer, which we made clear in our blog post earlier this month. Take a look at what we have to say about the 2013 SAG Awards...


VENUE: Shine Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA

 EVENT: SAG Awards Show 

 THEME INSPIRATION: "contemporary interpretation of the Streamline Moderne style of the 1930s" (via Bizbash

COLOR PALETTE: Silver, Black and White with Different Colored Accent Lights 

DJS EVENTS' OPINION: Nothing special here. The "deco" shaped stage area is the only thing that somewhat follows the inspired theme as stated above. This could have been enhanced by sticking with a gold or silver accent color and keeping the stage lights one color, rather than continuously changing throughout the show. The table centerpieces could have been bolder as well. 
Image via Bizbash
VENUE: Shine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA

EVENT: People and Entertainment Industry Foundation's Official After Party

THEME INSPIRATION: "romantic" and "rich," evocative of the Deco era (via Bizbash)

COLOR PALETTE: Gold, Brown, Red, Antique White

DJS EVENTS' OPINION: Overall, we like the theme and think that they did a good job at sticking to the inspiration behind this party (color-scheme, drapery, red roses for the romantic vibe). The antique white draping and deco chandeliers are absolutely breathtaking and really catch our eye. However, we believe that this party could have had the "wow" factor that it was missing with a few of our suggestions:
Image via Bizbash

 The photo above shows a beautiful guest lounge area. However, to really give a sense of Old Hollywood Glamour, this is what we would have done to take it to another level:

1) Gold Coffee Tables (to accent the brown couches) or Mirrored Coffee Tables (for true glamour). See examples below from our friends at Luxe Event Rentals:

Image via Bizbash
  The brown couches on the brown carpet make this look very bland. This could be altered by adding an accent carpet in gold or beige accent to make the brown couches pop. Otherwise here are some options for couches (via Luxe Event Rentals):

This style couch in more of a "chocolate" brown would add a dramatic effect.
The gold metallic couch is just the right accent piece to break up all of the brown.

Great antique, "Old Hollywood Glamour" couch would be a perfect choice for this room.

Image via BizBash

The romantic draping and deco chandeliers are absolutely stunning. However, just by making simple changes such as the addition of antique furniture, this look would have been flawless!

Image via Bizbash

There is no doubt this is a very inviting set-up, however, we found a few issues with this design. The first problem is the uncovered ceiling where you have a distracting visual of apartment buildings. That could have easily been covered up and it would have given a more intimate vibe. The second problem is the matching brown rug and couches. Here are some suggestions:

This style love seat (of course in a chocolate brown) would be PERFECT. The gold legs would be the separation between the matching rug.

These gold ottomans match the legs of the sofa exactly and would be a great replacement for the coffee tables that are currently being used.

Special thanks to Luxe Event Rentals for all of our suggested furniture options.


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