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Monday, December 12, 2011

Dawn Gives Party Tips on WOR News Talk Radio

Posted by DJS Events

Click to listen here!

Dawn Strain, the president of DJS Events was on Valerie Smaldone's "Valerie's New York" Radio Show this past week, talking about how to have a successful and fantastic holiday party! Click to listen here!
Would you rather read than listen? Here are some of the gems from the interview:

TOP FIVE TIPS for a successful holiday party:
1. Create a wonderful and comfortable atmosphere for your guests by introducing them to one another and giving them leeway for conversation. Example: "Jon, this is Linda. Linda works in publishing. Linda, Jon writes articles on golf in his free time."
2. Don't worry about physical invites too much- as long as your digital invites are clear and straightforward you're good to go. It's always nice to have pretty "real" invites that match the theme of your party, but if that's not an option, don't sweat it.
3. Keep it simple with space: try to move furniture around or put extra stuff in storage or your garage. If that's not an option, a good tip is that you don't need to put all the food out at once. First put the colds out, then the hots. 
4. Best Nibbles: Cheese and Guacamole look funky after just a little while. Try humus and pitas or Dawn's favorite recipe: Asparagus wrapped in crescent rolls sprinkled with parmasean cheese. Also, getting a food warmer (at any Walmart or Target) will greatly help keep things fresh.
5. You don't need to stock the bar with every possible drink out there- you can have a few different types of wine and two signature drinks- they can even both be Vodka based; Dawn suggests one a little sweeter and one a little sassier and stronger. People are just going to be happy to have a drink, period!
DJS's White Gold Party
Valerie is a 5-time Billboard Magazine Award winner and is well known for her unprecedented success holding the #1 on air position in the New York radio market. She has hosted, produced and created numerous nationally syndicated programs featuring in-depth interviews with top recording artists such as Paul McCartney, Celine Dion, Rod Stewart, Phil Collins, and Mariah Carey, among others.


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