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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You Don't Want to Miss This! Your Hot Halloween Costume Manual.

Posted by DJS Events

Steampunk Outfit
Steampunk Inspired Fashion informs Costumes for 2011

When you're an event planner, you can't think about things too ahead of time. We begin our Christmas planning in August and our Halloween planning in June. Why? A lot of reasons...for one, it's just the way we do things. For two.. well, if you've noticed, everything is way cheaper if you plan ahead. When you're buying in bulk or just for yourself, costumes prices go up like crazy in the Fall. But what if you're not a planner? Then you're in luck, because we've done some homework for you! Presenting the hottest, the weirdest, the scariest and the most creative costume for 2011:

Trending now: Perhaps you're a pop culture fiend who's not down with weird zombie costumes. Lucky for your, the last few years (as well as the last 20 years) have brought forth some seriously cool icons for you to dress up as--while still maintaining your street cred.
Here are DJS Events top never-fail super cool costumes (you can't go wrong with these):
Numero Uno: Wonderwoman, Catwoman, Batman (we had to have one guy option) and Silk Spectre 

Even Kim Kardashian has a take on it.

You can't go wrong with classic comic book characters, especially if you've got the body to pull it off. What would be a perfect complement to Wonderwoman? Superman, of course. However, we hear that most guys aren't actually down with the whole blue tights, red undies thing, so we're putting Batman down as one of the coolest classic costumes for guys.

Yeah, Batman is pretty hot.
You know what else is hot? Catwoman. Catwoman costumes are awesome for those of us who want to be sexy but can't stand those barely there cutsey costumes that show a lot of cleavage and leg.
What if you do want some cleave? There's actually some costumes out there that'll do a more skin-bearing catwoman.

Another one we love is Silk Spectre from the Watchmen. We love this redheaded lady and think the costume is fabulous:

Wanna be a kick-ass woman...but not into the superhero thing? Lara Croft is a bit played out. What's in?
Here's some unique options: Category Three: Be Unexpected.
 Steampunk inspired. Steampunk is a hot new fashion trend highlighted by neo-punk and Victorian fashions. Check it out:
 Winter Steampunk OutfitGrey and White Steam Punk Dress Steam Punk Clothing
Steampunk OutfitSteam Punk Girl Steampunk Outfit
Don't want to be a zombie? Be a a zombie ass-kicker! Alice from Resident Evil is one of our faves. The cool thing about Alice is that there's a variety of costumes to choose from, depending on the Res Evil movie you take inspiration from:
Resident Evil I Costume

Alice in Res Evil Extinction

Alice in Resident Evil Afterlife

Alice in Resident Evil Aftermath

Alice in a different costume in Aftermath
Category Four: Freaky Costumes: Zombies, Vampires, Oh My!
Ok, so these costumes are scary and weird, let's just be honest about that. If you want to scare people, then go this route. DJS Events refuses to take any responsibility for heart attacks that may happen due to your costume, so proceed with caution.
Zombies. We get the freak-appeal, but don't go this route if you want to be sexy in any remote way.
Ummm....ewww. Don't do this, ok?

Wanna be anonymous? The simple ghost-face costume ala 1990's Scream villian still gives us the creeps. 
Awww....Drew Barrymore in the 90's...when her hit movies were still teeny-bopperish and her hair was bobbed.
Ghost Face with Knife (Adult)

Ok, so here's some scary costume ideas we can get on board with. Vampires are definitely the sexiest kinds of villians: seductive, attractive and usually well dressed. You can go many routes with this..a little blood on the mouth, sexy makeup, black jeans and a black hoody, more traditional and gothic or even sci-fi are options. Make it your own and you won't go wrong. Make it Twilight inspired and we'll love you forever.

A little blood running down from the mouth and a sexy dark outfit, not so bad. 
Get this makeup tutorial. 
Hmmm..ancient Grecian Vampire Goddess? Interesting....

Ok, so here's our last section: Category 5: Cute. Hot. Sexy. We're not even going to be coy about it, these costumes are there to make you look good and get noticed. Without further ado:
High Seas Honey CostumeHigh Seas Honey Costume

Sexy. Classy. Easy to wear. This number will look good on nearly every shape!
Another hottie:
Goddess of Love CostumeSpartan Queen Costume
Sexy Peacock Costume By BridgetSexy Peacock Costume By Bridget
Sexy peacock? We think so.
Burlesque Beauty Lingerie CostumeBurlesque Beauty Lingerie Costume
 Could be Masquerade or Moulin Rouge inspired...either way, it's sweet and sexy.

Interested in hiring an planner to take care of the details, the big ideas or the creativity of your most important day? DJS Events is Long Island's hottest event planning service. Don't settle for less!
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