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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Autumnal Wedding Tips and Ideas

Posted by DJS Events

Fall weddings are just beautiful- the heat and haze of summer has died down, the air gets cool and crisp and the leaves are brilliant in their colors. So many people choose Spring and Summer as the time to say their vows, but we feel that any season can be used to create a beautiful, unique wedding. We've collected some ideas for Fall weddings which may give you some inspiration for your own wedding. Of course, if you've decided right now to get married this fall, then you'll have very little time to get ready--but perhaps some of these ideas will give you a head start for your super special day. If you're planning for Fall 2012, you'll have plenty of time to cultivate the wedding of your dreams.
This is a beautiful, simple and classy DIY lighted garland perfect as a frame for a bar or food area. Check out how to create it here. 
 So pretty and flowers with floating candles in a mini bird bath on each table or at the doors of your reception. We just love incorporating water whenever we can!
Not into the warm color pallatte? Check out this simple yet refined and quite magical centerpiece idea, miniture violets in a small glass globe. Add some moss and you're done! Check out DIY instructions here. 

Salted Caramel Apples- created by the food "brain child" Peter Callahan, these scrumptious apples can serve as desert or a favor. Add wooden twigs to small apples, dip them in caramel and then roll them in sea salt. Yum!
Fondue for everyone! Place these sweet little cups at every table with pretzel sticks, pound cake, fruit or even cookies!
 Little lanterns surrounded by pumpkins and leaves are a sweet little moment on the table. Depending on your setup, you can add a row of them down a long table, or a cluster of them on a rounded one.

Chinese lanterns are cheap, easy to assemble, and bestow graceful, chilled out light in most any kind of space. If you don't have a whole lot of time, think about putting these up for a quick pick me up to any room.
Autumn Wedding Decorations 300x298 Fall Wedding Decorations
Barn weddings are a great way to celebrate a fall reception. You can use the simplest things to make this work-- bunches of wheat tied with roses, wreathes made with twine or twigs and fabric that puddles outside of your opening. To the right, a wheat wreath from Martha Stewart. Click here to make it Check out this barn wedding below:
barn wedding

Here's some more ideas: silk leaves for the flower girl instead of flowers.

White pumpkin centerpiece! What a great idea. For instructions on how to create this, go here. 
Mini pumpkins stacked in a glass vase in between red flower arrangements make for a nice mix of a floral and seasonal centerpiece.
  Use your imagination! And remember, fall colors don't always have to be in the warm palette. Go to Martha Stewart Weddings for more inspiration and The Knot. Want us to design your perfect fall wedding? Contact us here.


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