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Thursday, May 5, 2011

5 Trends Inspired by the Royal Wedding

Posted by DJS Events

We don't know about you, but here at DJS Events our eyes were glued to the Royal Wedding a few days ago, and we have some predictions on what's going to stick in wedding designer's and brides minds for 2011.

Trend #1: Gorgeous, couture (sometimes a little risky) hats:
All the color and experimental design in head-ware balanced out Kate's elegant, classic look. Will brides start requesting English tea parties and extravagant hats at their receptions? Take a look at these works of art:

Trend #2: The Maid of Honor wears white, too.

It certainly takes a self-confident bride to have a Maid of Honor in white, especially when your Maid of Honor is totally beautiful. The pair were quite a vision and some have even speculated that Pippa stole the show (we think they both held their own!) but the two matching certainly created a streamline, monochromatic scene up against the hustle and bustle of colorful guests.

PHOTO: Kate Middleton, left, and Pippa Middleton, right,

Pippa Middleton Stylish choice: Pippa's slinky white cowl-neck dress showed off her slender figure, while the cap sleeves kept it youthful. The back of the dress was studded with tiny silk-covered buttons

Trend #3: The Bride takes charge in her own make-up application
We'll never know if Kate Middleton actually had help with her make-up application. but we are sure that she was taking lessons beforehand. Doing one's own make-up seems like a truly independent and creative thing to do, especially when one is about to become a princess. While Kate certainly didn't have a budget that would have necessitated her to go at it alone, we think it's pretty admirable if she actually did (it looked amazing, by the way!).
Kate Middleton Wedding Makeup

By the way . Bobbii Brown DID confirm this week that members of the royal wedding party received “makeup artistry assistance” from Hannah Martin, one of the company's makeup artist. Either way, she looked stunning.

Trend #4: A young (tiny!) Bridal Party
Normally the little ones aren't so plentiful, but in the royal wedding, they looked adorable.

Getting little ones to accompany your ceremony would be a great way to avoid insulting any adults left out of the bridal party, but we think this trend will most likely have a hard time catching on. In any case, incorporating children is a sweet way to add liveliness and "cute factor."

Trend #5: Launching your own wedding website is Kate's and William's official website, which featured everything from their wedding day timeline to photos and even a live Twitter feed. Creating a wedding website is great to keep everyone in your life up to date and excited about your special day; some couples even put their registry on their website, making gift giving easy and convenient.

Kate and William's Engagement Pics Are Out!


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